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Ativen is a pioneering initiative that aims to collaborate for the development of ideas and business for the universe 60+

The world is going through a huge demographic shift.

  The Brazilian 60+ generation today represents approximately 30 million people (15% of the population), almost equal to the sum of the populations of Belgium, Portugal and Greece (31.5MM)! In Brazil, individuals over 50 years of age account for 40% of consumer goods, a share that will only tend to increase.

     Advances in medicine and basic sanitation have greatly increased life expectancy: a child born to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) after 2007 is 50% more likely to live beyond 100 years. Our elderly will be more numerous, and desirous of better quality of life and autonomy. More and better care will be more and more possible.

         This surprising scenario, coupled with the dynamic advances of technology, not only generates a need to change habits and concepts, but also great opportunities for established companies and for entrepreneurs offering products and services aimed at improving the quality of life of the universe 60+ , which involves, in addition to the elderly, a relevant contingent of people and institutions.

ATIVEN and its partners aim to help everyone who orbits in this "new universe" to make a difference in meeting the needs and desires of the Brazilian 60+ population.

ATIVEN and its links with the 60+ generation

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