For Startups

In addition to providing its network in several sectors, Activen offers a mentoring process based on the experience of Valormax and partners (health professionals, economics, administration, IT, marketing, law, etc.). Support in prototyping processes; in the operational - administrative - economic - financial - market and technological validation of the projects. Coaching for pitches; Identification and support in investor negotiation.


For Investors

Investment Funds, family offices

ATIVEN offers a careful selection of sectoral information and promising startups in the 60+ segment. Our processes take into account rigid parameters of viability - economic-financial / technological / market and governance. We promote exclusive pitches, and individual follow up with tracking reports. The parameters are based on the experience of Valormax and the selective processes of Aging 2.0



Through our partners we are able to provide qualitative (behavioral) and quantitative (specific demand for products and services) scenarios on the 60+ segment (and its various shades) for the main sectors of the economy, thus providing accurate and necessary information for effective strategic planning.

For businesses
The population segment represented by the 60+ is heterogeneous and complex. ATIVEN is able to connect your company with this varied and demanding market, and help in the best ways to understand, serve and captivate the growing number of 60+ people. Our diversified team (both in terms of age and backgrounds and professional experience), our knowledge of traditional structures and the contact of new technologies and ideas of startups that are part of our universe guarantee a precise and efficient approach.

Public Sector

For The Public Sector

We will actively seek to share information and knowledge that contributes to the creation of public policies that benefit the 60+ and especially the elderly in vulnerability

We organize and coordinate (10 in 2018) aimed at:

1. Generate information for and about the 60+
2. Combat prejudice against aging and 60+ and demonstrate its socio-cultural and marketing relevance
3. Encourage startups to create solutions that improve the quality of life of the 60+